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Trawler Páll Pálsson ÍS-102 - The first ship to have INmobil installed on May 28th 2000.


INmobil is a telecommunications service run by Snerpa and Radiomidun for users on the open ocean and others that cannot utilize common methods to connect to the Internet. Snerpa is an ISP that has for years provided satellite service to vessels at sea. Radiomidun is a subsidiary of Siminn that specilalises in mobile telecommunications. INmobil can use diverse data links including mobile and satellite systems to transport e-mail and other data transparently between it's users and the Internet in a secure way. INmobil provides a common transport link for many users at a time and contains a mechanism that can reliably divide the accumulated costs by the ratio of each and every user.

E-mail system
The INmobil e-mail gateway is designed with the use of many e-mail accounts abourd a vessel that all share one communications link to shore. Using the INmobil system is towards the mail user as user-friendly as an always-on link. Creation of new user accounts and transfer between vessels is simple and is initiated by the ship owner on a web interface. Each user gets his/her own password and so has exclusive access to their own personal e-mail. It's easy to use standard e-mail clients on board the vessel and it's also possible to use a webmail service on-board. Mail is transparently compressed before transmission and decompressed on the other end of the link and thus delivered to the recipient in the same form as received. Transmission is done in pre-defined packets, so that if the connection link unexpectedly goes down, the next connection will continue from where it left off, instead of having to re-transmit complete messages. It is possible to set up scheduled connection times and acculumate the mail to save on connections or to let the system set up a connection every time the need arises.

Data distribution
The INmobil data distribution moves data in between ship and shore in a completely automatic way. Example of such use is the distribution of news, weather maps, state bulletins and position data gathered from on-board GPS.

Safety and delegation of costs
Mail and other data are protected in a secure manner. Use is made of SSL (secure sockets layer) on-board in the same way as in online banking which makes it impossible to browse other users data in a properly configured browser. It's easy to browse usage costs the INmobil website and vessel owners can distribute the costs of personal crew use to the crew themselves in accordance with the ratio of use and this data can be exported for use in accounting software if needed.

E-mail control
The INmobil e-mail control is a revolutionary tool to manage incoming e-mail. With e-mail control it is possible to determine exactly who can send mail to a INmobil useer, how big it can be, where it can come from ond where itis to go if it is not to be received. In this way it is possible to divert mail from unknown senders f.ex. to the crewmembers home where it can be decided if it should be re-sent to the vessel. It's possible to divert all mail during shore leaves, it's possible to send return receipts or directions to unknown senders about how to send mail and many other options.

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Did you know...?
Over 2000 users at sea now use INmobil regularly and send or receive e-mail daily on an average basis.
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